Chat Room Guidelines

Here are a few guideline you should follow while chatting in #FanFics.


These rules were established in order to allow writers and readers a forum where they can freely discuss topics of related interest. If anyone is found disturbing this tranquility, the all powerful Masaki_Ryouko will eject you.

Room No No's

The following are generally not allowed in the chat room.  Anyone breaking these guidelines will first receive a warning. Repetitive breaking of these guidelines will result in temporary expulsion from the room. In severe cases, a person will be banned for a prolonged amount of time.


Any form of commercial/wares/porn advertisement is strictly prohibited and is grounds for immediate kicking.  Repetitive abuse with result in a ban.  Promotion of one's own site and/or story is somewhat allowed, but to a certain extent. Repetitive advertising will be frowned upon and can result in kicking and at very worse banning.


#FanFics is a room for serious discussion. Anything that detracts from this will be greatly frowned upon.  Thus, the use of profanity is generally NOT allowed. Inappropriate behaviour and actions such as flaming and harassing is also unwelcomed.

Useless Dialog/Scripts

Excessive rambling is not welcomed.  Just saying "I am bored", "Someone talk", or just typing for the fun of it, is not productive and doesn't help.  If the room is silent, it is because no one want to chat at the moment or no one is there. Severe color or script usage is also prohibited. You should also check if it is ok before copying and pasting text in the chat widow.

Role Playing

Role playing is generally allowed for only short bursts in the main room, but extended ones should be transferred to the secondary channel, #FanFicsRPG. Role playing during a discussion is unwarranted and takes away from the debating.  Please also start extended RPGs in #FanFicsRPG.  It will save you a lot of trouble.


You may not have a clone in #FanFics. They do not add anything to discussions. Clones will be automatically kicked from #FanFics. Clones are permitted in #FanFicsRPG only for role playing.

Ask and thou shall not receive.

Please do not ask for Ops status. These are given as needed and designated by current ops.

Making Moves on Ryoko

No hitting on Masaki_Ryouko. All violators will be burned to a crisp by everyone's favorite demoness.

Reporting Violations

Anyone who finds another's actions intolerable in the channel can ask the op staff for actions regarding this. If no op is available, log the offensive dialogue and contact one of the ops or myself.


These guideline can be changed at any time, and should be followed upon implementation.

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